Kevin the Orange Blog Tour

Written by Alan Windram and illustrated by Olla Meyzinger

Thanks so much to publisher Little Door Books for inviting me to review another vibrant, fun, engaging and colourful picture book.
Kevin the Orange is not sure at the start of the story that he wants to be orange so he asks his friend Brian the pear how he can be different colours. Every time he changes to a different colour things don’t quite go to plan and he keeps thinking the next colour will be better. Finally he realises that perhaps being himself, the colour of orange is the best of all. 
A big shout out for illustrator Olla Meyzinger who has done an amazing job with the pictures. They are vibrant and colourful and the expressions and feelings of Kevin and Brian are wonderfully captured on each page. There is also some great detail in the background that helps to set the scene.
I have picked up several picture books recently where a fruit or vegetable is the main character in the story, which offer up some humorous and different perspectives from which to tell a narrative There was something about Olla Meyzinger’s illustrations that I particularly identified with. Then I realised they reminded me of the Garden Gang by Jayne Fisher. I absolutely loved her books as a kid. The premise of the Kevin the Orange is a bit different but there are similarities in the messages of finding out who you are and self acceptance.
Kevin the Orange is a fun, engaging story that will appeal to EYFS and KS1. But, there is also plenty to interest older children and adults. There are many ways a young child could relate to or join in with this story, so it would make a great book to read aloud to encourage a love of stories and books and reading for pleasure. There are also a number of links and possible activities related to this story. It introduces children to colours. Kevin changes colour 6 times (blue, red, yellow, green, pink, purple and white). It also explored hot and cold. Kevin travels to the North Pole to get very cold and eats lots of chilli’s to turn red! A fun, engaging story to read aloud, which also explores themes of friendship, identity and self acceptance.

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