Make your own stories about the Seaside with this Wordless Picture Book

The Wordless picture books: Out of the Blue by Alison Jay is one of our families favourite books.

Wordless picture books, offer so much potential for sharing stories together. Here is a video clip of my children and me reading a page from this great wordless picture book: Out of the Blue, by Alison Jay, the recording is from about 18 months ago, after a day at the beach.

5 great reasons to share a wordless picture book with your children:

  • you can share them with children of different ages
  • they help develop children’s story telling skills
  • they make full use of a child’s visual literacy to build empathy and understanding.
  • your child or children can join in with the story
  • you can tell a different story every time, so you won’t get bored when they ask for it again and again!

Some parents have told me they are “not sure how to read a wordless picture book”.  One tip is use the pictures as a guide and imagine they are a series of pictures from your holiday placed in the order they happened.  You may find it useful to flick through the pages before reading with your child so you can get an idea of how the story progresses and what to look out for. Rember you can stop whe ever you want and talk about the details in the pictures.

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