This blog shares two things I am passionate about. Firstly, helping children (and adults!) to find children’s books they really want to read.  Secondly, reminding my self and others to take more time outdoors and stop to notice nature and finding some fun ways to share this.

Children’s books and encouraging Reading for pleasure:

  • I will be reviewing some of the great children’s books that myself or my children, aged 5 and nearly 8 particularly enjoyed.
  • I will be exploring what it is that get’s us interested in a story to begin with, through sharing mine and my children’s stories of how we got interested in reading and found out about certain books.
  • As the blog progresses I hope to give some ideas and examples of how to help children find their next read. Which experience has taught us is not quite as simple as it might at first seem!

Choice of children’s books to feature:

With so many fantastic children’s books out there I have had to narrow it down! I have chosen to focus on:

  • some of the chapter books that my daughter and I have particularly enjoyed
  • picture books with an outdoors or nature connection, however subtle that is
  • a Global Theme: which at the moment is: immigrants and migrants, and will be including picture books, comic books and chapter book stories.

Capturing ‘magic’ Outdoor moments

  • I have always loved spending time in nature. However, in the busy pace of modern life, it is easy to become disconnected from the natural world around you.
  • I will be trying to capture a few of those special moments spent outdoors on my own or with my kids.