Scotty Plants a Seed

Scotty Plants a Seed by Conn Iggulden and Lizzy Duncan 

Published by Little Door Books 

There is more than meet the eye with the fun, engaging and brightly illustrated picture book which is perfect for EYFS and KS1. There is plenty to enjoy and talk about and some good curriculum links with seeds, plants, travelling to different places, deforestation and helping our planet. 
The author and illustrator have created a loveable small black dog. We get a bit of back story at the start, where we learn that Scotty’s mum was washed into the island of Mull in a storm. A while later, the fisherman gives energetic Scotty his mum’s old collar. Which turns out to be no ordinary collar, but a magical travelling collar. The collar takes Scotty and his friend Owl to different places, such as India, Brazil and the African plains. 

Five things I love about this book 

The way a red ribbon is used to signify Scotty is being transported somewhere new with his magical collar. The red ribbon spirals provide a useful connecting thread between the different places, and makes it easier for young readers to spot when Scotty and Owl will be arriving somewhere new.
Love the friendship between dog and Owl and the conversations they have about trees. Great addition of humour with Scotty always trying to pee on the tree and Owl telling him not to! This will really appeal to young children. Also, chasing after Scotty poor Owl looses most of his feathers, which adds humour, but think children with empathise with Owl too. 
The contrasting images between the banyan, Indian tree, the deforested forest in Brazil and the newly planted forest on the African plains. 
On the last two pages Scotty and Owl demonstrate with humour a  simple thing children can do to help. PLANT A SEED!  Plus there are instructions on the final page on how to plant your own seed in a pot. 
There’s a final challenge right at the end of the book. To go back and spot the seed hidden on every page. Making this a great book for sharing with children of different ages. My kids loved searching for things in the pictures together,  when they were younger. 
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