Having Fun with Autumn Leaves

What I love most about Autumn are the leaves, all their wonderful colours: yellow, orange, red, and even golden. There is something that can’t quite beat walking in a pile of leaves,  the sound of them crunching under one’s feet, and the playfulness and delight of throwing them up in the air. Me and my children love going out to collect them. A few years ago we discovered you could preserve the colour and shape of a leaf by laminating it.  This year I decided it might help in those cold dark winter days to have a collection of lot’s of different leaves, to bring a bit of colour into mid-winter. Here are some we’ve collected so far:


It’s become a family project. My kids love spending time outdoors, but sometimes they are reluctant to walk very far! So this year we started a leaf collection walk, my kids love having something to search for when out and about. We’ve had great fun looking for leaves of different colours and shapes, and choosing the ones we like best. Inspired by a new picture book called  “Leafy the Pet Leaf” written by Phillip Ardagh and illustrated by Elissa Elwick, we have even turned some of them into very our own pet leaves.

leaf        petleaf

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