Lori and Max by Catherine O’Flynn

Lori and Max by Catherine O’Flynn – Book 1

I absolutely loved book one in the Lori and Max detective series, book two is dues out in October so I thought it was a great time to do a mini review of it.

Two heart-warming characters with eye opening insights into how tough some kids lives can be. I also love Lori’s perceptive observations on her year 6 class.  Combine this with an exciting detective narrative that keeps you turning the pages this is not to be missed. I would highly recommend it for children aged 9+ years.

  • Max has moved house a lot and school a lot
  • She has a book that she loves to look at called: ‘Wildlife Atlas of the World’ which has been with her on all her house moves. It’s the book she retreats to when things get tough. I love the way the author Catherine has interwoven this with the story line.
  • Max lives above a fried chicken takeaway
  • Her dad has a gambling problem and keeps taking the family money.
  • Lives with her Nan Lori’s parents died when she was a baby
  • A wannabe detective who would like a really life mystery to solve not just her Nan’s glasses down the back of the sofa!
  • Lori keeps a secret notebook, where she writes down clues.

One day Lori has a real mystery to solve. When both Max and some money go missing Lori is the only person who doesn’t think Max has stolen it. Written in dual narrative, with separate chapter for each character you get great insights into what each is thinking. You really hope Lori will find out what is going on before it is too late. With walkie talkies instead of mobiles (as there is no reception), a links to a fisherman, the class hamster, a coded message with something about ‘dandelion and burdock’ there is plenty to intrigue and unravel.

Book 2 is out on 8th October: Lori and Max and the Book Thieves
You can buy the books from me at Readers that Care 


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