Taking time to notice nature: Rain Drops


Taking part in #30DaysWild this June has been great. For me one of the best things is those little moments when you take time out of your busy day to notice the nature around you. When you stop to look you can notice things you didn’t before. It can also give valuable ‘space’ or ‘time out’ from the business of every day life. ┬áIn that moment you don’t have to think about anything else you can just be. It’s also great to know it those days when nothing seems to go as expected (which happens to me often!) that there is always something to observe: see, feel or hear in nature. And if you do it often enough you have that lovely opportunity to observe something which is familiar (and therefore comforting) but at the same time is slightly different every time you experience it.

Today those nature moments for me were:

putting my feet in the wet grass

hearing the squelch of the soggy ground

observing the rain drops on blades of grass

seeing the rain drops on the leaves in my garden

noticing a spiders web on the washing line


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