First Sandcastle of the year, on Norfolk beach!


There is nothing that quite beats that first trip of the year to the sea. This is taken on West Runton beach in Norfolk, our first visit to this delightful beach.  Both my children, aged 5 and 7 couldn’t wait to get their shoes and socks off. Then they discovered they had to cross some pebbles to get to the sea! Then we were all straight into digging in the sand with our hands, and then a spade when we remembered we had one! We only just made our first sandcastle in time before the tide came in.  This photo was actually taken on a Sunny Day at the beginning of May, but we are heading back to the same beach tomorrow so thought I’d post it now.


It made me think of one of our new favourite books: At the Beach by Katja Spitzer. A beautiful illustrated first words book published by Flying Eye books. Great choice of words and beautiful pictures that you really want to touch. Available to buy from Readers that Care:


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