Melt by Ele Fountain: Book Review

A heart-warming coming of age story set against the back drop of fast paced survival adventure in the snowy wilderness of northern Canada. This story has it all: well developed characters, an action-packed adventure in the wilderness, secrets to unravel and some wider messages about: taking risks, global warming and how we treat our planet.  I highly recommend it for ages 9 to 80!

Written as a dual narrative from the perspective of two teenagers Bea and Yutu. The young people don’t know each other at the start of their story, but they end up depending on each other for their survival. 

Bea and Yutu are struggling with transitions in their lives. Bea has just moved house for the 5th time in 5 years.  She is finding it hard to find her place in her new school, and her dad seems distracted and distant with his work. Yutu lives with his grandma in a remote Arctic village not accessible by roads. He is beginning to wonder about his future in the world and what lies beyond his village. He is wondering if his grandma will let him take the necessary risks to explore the wilderness on his own.

Bea and her dad share an interest, which is flying small aircraft together. So when Bea’s dad asks her to accompany him on a work flight into the Arctic circle she in initially excited. However, when things take a turn for the worse, her life collides with Yutu and they find themselves depending on each other for their survival. 

To find out more about this book and for some insights into Ele Fountains writing process check out my Blog Tour post here. 

Thank you to publishers Pushkin Press for an advance copy of the book and inviting me to take part in the blog tour (details below, insert jpeg). 

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